Tips to increase your website’s credibility.

Do you want better results from your website?

You need to make your website visible, credible and persuasive.
Without the “Hard Sell”.

What Makes A Website Credible?

Credibility means the website is believable or trustworthy. The definitions we use to determine website credibility have a lot in common with the way we determine credibility offline: are we familiar with this person or business? Have we had previous, beneficial dealings with them? Do they come recommended by someone we trust? Does it look and feel right? This last point might be more important than we’ve been led to believe.

The credible website strategies I have developed work. I have authored dozens of published articles and given numerous talks and workshops on this subject. We also operate hundreds of custom advertising websites that have thousands of visitors per day from search engines and an incredible click-through rate of around 20%.

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What can you do to improve credibility on your website and get more qualified leads?

  • Prove Credibility. The site needs to instantly show that you are real, credible and trustworthy source of services. This is probably the most neglected aspect of web design. People who search the web for your product or service have hundreds of sites they can choose between. The word ‘NEXT’ takes on a whole new meaning on the web. They pick the MOST CREDIBLE one. Every time. NOT the flashy one. NOT the cool one. The most credible one. Making the site credible is also not so easy. You don’t want to over-sell, over-brag etc. But there are some fundamental strategies you can implement to increase website credibility drastically. We have done extensive research
  • A Compelling Pitch. By using influence and persuasion strategies your site will create a strong ‘want’ in the visitor. This needs to be done with caution. If not, the pitch becomes a “hard sell” and will turn people off.
  • A Call To Action. The visitor must have an easy way to continue the process. Your site must have a clear objective. A non-threatening one. People are trained to not believe what they read.
  • SEO. It’s not all about SEO. But by optimizing the site so search engines find it AND it appears on the first page is key to generate traffic. But traffic itself is not enough. You need to ensure the traffic is qualified. People wanting, willing and able to buy your product or services. SEO is not easy these days. The search engines are smarter, and competition is fierce from other sites with perhaps a bigger SEO budget than yours. But there are some strategies we use that work. And we keep up to date on search engines.

They ALL have to be there. You can have visitors (SEO) but if they don’t believe your pitch you won’t get the sale. You can have the strongest sales site on earth, but if no one comes…. it just takes up cyberspace.

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